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If we talk about love, there is something scientifically unexplainable process formes in our mind. Howefer, love is natural process, which can be explained scientifically with the biological and chemical approach. In the body of in love people distribute a kind of chemical compound Eyes sight, skin touch,and perfume smell stimulate the production of chemical compound, which in turn distributed soon to the neuron through blood articulation. As a chemical compound secreted by the organs (chemo-reseptor), pheromone capable in control variaous kind of emotion includes sexual relationship and choosing the love-mate. Although love can come through the sense organs (receptor) such as eyes, nose, and skin, love does not comeinto the feeling directly.
The feeling of love has to be processedd first in the brain and than in the chemical way.
-->The first step is impressed.

-->In the second step the impression stimulate the brain to produce amphetamine compounds such as Phenylethylamin (PEA), dopamine, and norepineprine. If these compounds distributed through the body, it will stimulate the cheers and happy feeling ( arise thelove desire wich identical with sex desire).

-->The third step is joining.In this step, the body produce endorphine, which stimulate the secure, calm, and peacefull feeling. The fourth step is chemical alliance. In this step Oxytocin secretion, which make the two people become more intimated is stimulated.

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{ Gilang_Hokage } at: 8 Juli 2011 06.38 mengatakan...

A word can be explained in many ways, like love, everybody may describe it like they want, because I think, there is not excact meaning of a word.

{ fauzi_mamfau } at: 11 September 2011 10.53 mengatakan...


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