My class

What happened?
On 16th March 2011. This  morning  my friends and I met Mr Andreas for the third English Class in D1-206. The sun was shining. I was so hungry because I was forgotten to breakfast.
This morning Mr. Andrea want to know our homework. Everyone was scared. Than, Mr. Andreas gave us time to report our homework in front of the class.
Nobody raised their hand. I was confused. I want to read my reflective journal, but I was shy.
I think its my time to know, how far I understand this subject.
After raise my hand, I read my journal.
After that…did u know what happened?
Oh god, how embarrassed me. I got more than 17 red lines in my homework.
What do I feel about it?
I was disapointed. I cant  write a Reflective Journal well. My homework its so weak and got more than 17 red lines.
This situation inspired me to learn more about this subject.

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