My Ishihara tes

 My Ishihara tes

Today, in my genetic practicum, my friends and I try to use Ishihara tes. Ishihara is diferent with some sholat sunnah (istikharoh) altough both are similiar when we learn. Ishihara test is a test to know  somebody is a blindcolour, blindcolour parsial, or normal people. Ishihara test have 14 pages, each page have a circle picture with some colour. The colour on the picture sometime can we look like a number by sometimes like a track.

My group (*call : Dominan group) consist of Bambang, Ian, Susi, Mei and ofcourse me. Susi is the first person who try Ishihara test in our group. Second is me, bambang tird, Ian fourth and the last is Mei. Only two member of Dominan’s group have a wrong answer in this test, they are Mei and me (?).

Ian and Bambang are laughing when they know my result They said that, “ I think you are *nyasar in biology. Haha,,, i just laughing like they do. Honestly i am suprize enough when i know my result. After use ishihara test with manual methode, I try to use computer metode to know that I really blindcolour parsial or not. The result from computer methode is same. My score is only 83,333 %.

When my friends are know my result they laughing (again). I try to make a joke. “ Nurul, do you know, that the result is not valid? I’m totally blindcolour, u know? “ 


“Yes, its true. I’m a blindcolour person, and everything are gray in my eyes. It happen since u far away from me. Because for me, u are my colour. “

“ hahaha,,, “ all of my friends that learn my answer are laughing (and try to catch  and hit me hahhaha * kabur)

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