Half of eight

What is one half of eight?
Four -- I guess.
No more? No less?
But wait !!!
1/2 of 8 is 3, or E.
Tipped over it is m or w -- see?
To the Romans it still was VIII.
It's a bird in flight, the world,
the sun, a full moon at night; a
pair of skydivers holding hands.
It's a ball, a balloon, a raindrop,
a teardrop, a drop of dew; it's the
yolks of two eggs staring at you.
It's a wheel, a coaster, camera lens,
a soap bubble, a smoke ring ---
am I getting to you?
It's a plate or a saucer, even a ring;
half of eight is a tricky thing !!!
It's a Frisbee, a porthole, a circus ring,
a button, a marble, a pea or a seed.
Half of eight is wondrous indeed !!
But after I'd pondered, thought of it all,
1/2 of 8 was nothing at all --- Ooooo.
M. G. Nicholl
San Diego

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